$100 Million Bounty on Donald Trumps head by

  1 year ago
$100 Million Bounty on Donald Trumps head by  Image

$100 Million Bounty on Donald Trumps head by

Drug Lord "El Chapo" worried that if Donald Trump becomes president "The Wall" will not be good for business, so allegedly he planes to take him down himself.

Everyone heard the rumors about El Chapo's 100.000.000 $ bounty over Donald Trumps head but no one has taken the treat very seriously.

Bernard Kerik, a former commissioner at NYCPD advised the presidential candidate not to be so careless about it. 

As he said for Newsmax that any threat should be a reason for concern especially if from someone who was involved in one of the worlds larges drug cartel, and a well known killer.

Donald Trumph got "El Chapos" attention when he made his remarks about mexican immigrants during his campaign.

An inmate who witnessed El Chapos reaction about Trumphs speeches told teleSUR that he had never seen him so furious and that he is willing to pay any amount of money for the presidential candidates death.

Former commissioner Kerik also added that the infamous "drug lord" could actually be able to collect an enormous amount of money for any kind of a reward or bounty if he wishes to. 

But despite the concern, in his last interview Kerik said that Trumph has a highly professional security team around him who is going to make sure that he gets through the campaign with no incidents.

A whole year has passed since this threat was made and still Donald Trumph is leading his campaign forward with no obstacles, and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman still hasn't claimed his bounty over our candidates head.

Was this threat real or it was just a media scam we are not entirely certain, but threats from mass Mexican killers are sure not to be taken lightly.

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