BMW Robot Transformer was just made in Turkey!

  1 year ago
BMW Robot Transformer was just made in Turkey! Image

BMW Robot Transformer was just made in Turkey!

A company in Turkey has just made a real life Transformer from a BMW and the call it ANTIMON.

Letvision is the name of the company form Turkey that has been building robots in disguise, in other words Transformers form BMW cars, for quite some time now and they are pretty god at it.

Well, they call them Letrons not Transformers but they look pretty nice anyway.

The working prototype ANTIMON that you see here was build by 12 engineers in about 8 months.

The regular red BMW can only by driven by remote control when in car mode, then after push of a button it reveals its huge robot form with arms, fingers and wrist movements.

Picture: Letrons

Rumors say that a walking function can be included if the buyer has some extra cash to put in the price, which nobody knows yet.

The company has announced that a line of these robots will be made, and that they will transform other BMW models as well. Like Bizmut over here:

Picture: Letrons

Technology is moving forward, and fiction may become reality sooner than we expected. 

For now, there's nothing else that we can do except sit back and enjoy the show.

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