BREAKING: Iran Attacks U.S. With Sanctions...

  10 months ago
BREAKING: Iran Attacks U.S. With Sanctions... Image

BREAKING: Iran Attacks U.S. With Sanctions...

Iran has announced that they will impose sanctions on 15 United States companies.

Bloomberg reported that Iran has imposed sanctions on fifteen United States companies because of their support for Israel and repression in the region.

Their Foreign Ministry statement said: 'The companies are barred from any agreements with Iranian firms and that former and current directors will not be eligible for visas.'

The sanctions come in response to U.S. sanctions placed on a number of Iranian individuals after Iran's last missile test in February.

The companies that are sanctioned include United Technologies Products. ITT Corporation, Bent Tal, Raytheon, Elbit Systems, Oshkosh Corporation, Re/Max Real Estate, Kahr Arms and Magnum Research Inc.

A senior Iranian lawmaker also made this statement: 'Iran would consider a bill branding the U.S. military and the CIA as terrorist groups if the U.S. Congress passes a bill designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.'

Luckily sanctions only work when you have economic leverage, and Iran has no economic leverage over the United States. So the companies will have zero consequences from these sanctions, and Iran is just making fools of themselves again.

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