EPIC: Trey Gowdy JUST Unloaded a MASSIVE Three Minute Rant On GOP After Obamacare Defeat

  7 months ago
EPIC: Trey Gowdy JUST Unloaded a MASSIVE Three Minute Rant On GOP After Obamacare Defeat Image

EPIC: Trey Gowdy JUST Unloaded a MASSIVE Three Minute Rant On GOP After Obamacare Defeat

This Friday, House Representative Trey Gowdy appeared on 'Fox and Friends' (video at bottom) and made an EPIC announcement that every Republican must hear.

As the latest Republican effort to repeal but not replace Obamacare died, Trey Gowdy announced he will not be one of its pall-bearers.

Gowdy told the host that: 'Our problem is that for seven years, we’ve been telling folks what we’re against and what we’re opposed to. And then we’ve had seven months to govern and the best we can come up with is a skinny plan on 24 hours notice?'

'We’ve gotta get better at telling people what we believe, why we believe it, and then persuading them that it is right for the country.

We’ve had plenty of time to do it, we set unrealistic expectations, and then we never meet them, which leads to anger and frustration.

It’s a complicated issue, but it’s always been. We’ve had seven years to figure it out and the best we came up with is something called "skinny".' said Gowdy for 'Fox and Friends'.

When host Brian Kilmeade asked Trey Gowdy if he thinks that Republicans should 'move on' or 'go back' Gowdy said:

'No, we gotta go back. It impacts 20 percent of the economy. It was a fundamental premise of the Trump campaign. And it desperately needs to be done. The Affordable Care Act is failing.

If you are going to fail, though, fail doing what you really fundamentally believe.

I would propose changes that are transformational, and it’s going to require persuading my fellow citizens including some independents and Democrats that this is best for the country.

It’s not going to be done with 24 hours notice and a bill that has the word ‘skinny’ in it.' 

Via Paul Crookstone

As countless times before, Trey Gowdy has a point! It is hard to believe that Republicans don't have a plan on which they can all agree to repeal and replace Obamacare.

However, Representative Gowdy may be overestimating the GOP's power of persuasion over Democrats, who from now on -thanks to Senator John McCain- will have a seat at the table on any future Obamacare reform discussion.

Maybe Trey Gowdy will soon find out that if there is something worse than the skinny bill, it is any other bill that the GOP will have to come up with now that they have to work with the Democrats to pass.

Share your thoughts on Trey Gowdy's announcement and tell us what you think about the skinny bill's failure. 


(h/t  AllenB.West)

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