Famous Japanese LIGHT Trucks

  1 year ago
Famous Japanese LIGHT Trucks  Image

Famous Japanese LIGHT Trucks

Dekotora or "decoration truck" is a very unique Japanese art of pimping out big trucks since the mid 1970s.

Dekotora trucks are common sight on the roads of Japan these days, the only bad thing about having one of these trucks is that you are not allowed to drive while lights on anymore.

Knowing this, Japanese families are still spending a lot of money ( about 100,000$ ) decorating and customizing their trucks.

Extra generators must be installed to power the lights, and they only shine for 20 minutes before over heating.

Dekotora lights can be seen on massive truck gatherings happening every few months. Last one was photographed by Roger Snider, you can see the pictures here:

Here is a video of them on the streets:

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