FBI’s Mueller Just Made A FATAL Mistake – Could Mean END Of Manafort Case For Good

  3 months ago
FBI’s Mueller Just Made A FATAL Mistake – Could Mean END Of Manafort Case For Good Image

FBI’s Mueller Just Made A FATAL Mistake – Could Mean END Of Manafort Case For Good

The Team of Special Counsel Robert Muller may have violated the fourth amendment rights of Paul Manafort, the former Trump Campaign Chairman. This can prove problematic for the prosecution in court.

When Mueller’s team raided the Manafort’s multimillion-dollar home in Alexandria, Virginia on the 26th of July in the process of executing a search warrant, some of the material recovered may not have been authorized by the warrant. 

CNN was forced to admit that “During that raid, Mueller’s investigations took documents considered to be covered by attorney-client privilege,” – Meaning that that particular evidence is not considered void.

“The lawyers from the WilmerHale law firm, that were representing Manafort at that particular time, cautioned Muller’s office that their search warrant did not allow access to attorney materials. The documents in question have not been returned, the sources say.”

This is going to become a major pain, that the revelation that evidence was collected that may not have been covered by the warrant. Now the question remains, did the agents do something illegal? It is not clear, but it certainly could raise some serious constitutional issues that could taint the investigation.

Now, the fourth amendment is violated when the government purposely, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently searches privileged attorney-client communications. And this is just the first problem. There are several other points in the Manafort’s case that are really suspicious. Here is a summary of the record of U.S District Judge Amy Beaman:

> 2011 Obama appointee
> Ruled that Hillary Clinton neither enabled the attack by communicating through her private email server, nor did she defame the victims families in the aftermath, the Washington Times reported.
> Contributed $1,000 to Clinton’s 1992 Democratic presidential campaign and while previously working at a law firm, represented former Democratic congressman William J. Jefferson in a corruption trial.
> Last week upheld a bid to withhold two emails from Clinton’s private account that it says contain classified info about the Benghazi attack.

This by no means should state that Manafort is innocent – it just means that Mueller’s  team have basically shot themselves in the foot by using evidence that is deemed illegal.

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