FORBES: Top 7 Wealthiest Immigrant Billionaires in America

  1 year ago
FORBES: Top 7 Wealthiest Immigrant Billionaires in America Image

FORBES: Top 7 Wealthiest Immigrant Billionaires in America

Meet the Top 7 Wealthiest Immigrant Billionaires in America by FORBES

Let us introduce you with the Top 7 Richest Immigrants Billiоnaires in America by Forbes:

7. Patrick Soon-Shiong -  Pharamaceuticals  -  $9.2B

After the seeling of Abraxis and American Pharmaceutical Partners, the founder of these 2 drug companies, and also the richest doctor in America gained the most of his wealth...
6. Rupert Murdoch -  Newspapers, Tv  -  $11.1B

The Media baron returned as the chairman of the Fox News, after the founding CEO, Roger Ailes, was accused for sexual harassment and stepped down...

5. Elon Musk -  Tesla Motors  -  $11.6B

Elon had a tough year after the SpaceX rocket caught fire during fueling and an auto-piloted Tesla caused a fatal crash...

4. Thomas Peterffy -  Discount Brokerage  -  $12.6B

Although he came in America only with one suitcase, that was not a problem for him to earn the wealth that he has today with his discount brokerage buisness, Interactive buisness...

3. Len Blavatnik  -  Diversified  -  $18.2B

Despite the millions he has made in Russia with his company TNK-BP, his global empire includes stakes also with the petrochemical producer LyondellBasell and fashion designer Tory Burch...

2. George Soros -  Hedge Funds  -  $24.9B

Second place goes for George Soros, who said that he will invest $500M in all of the companies that are founded by migrants and refugees, together with those who arriving in Europe...

1. Sergey Brin -  Google  -  $37.5B

On the Top is our well known philanthropist, computer scientist and co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin. Today he serves as President of Google's company parent, Alphabet inc...  

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