Hillary Says She Doesn't Know How Much Money She Got From Weinstein, So We Did The Math For Her

  3 months ago
Hillary Says She Doesn't Know How Much Money She Got From Weinstein, So We Did The Math For Her Image

Hillary Says She Doesn't Know How Much Money She Got From Weinstein, So We Did The Math For Her

Apparently, the woman who wanted to become America’s first woman President has a distinct problem with recalling numbers. Despite all she said she is capable of she just could not remember the exact number that Harvey Swinestein donated to her and her campaign.

Wednesdays night interview featuring CNN’s Fareed Zakiria, Hillary claimed that She could not possibly know what her longtime pal Weinstein was doing when he in his private life. Coincidence? First the Obamas and now the Clintons. Talk about a dog fight. Well, atleast it became clear whose dogs those democrats were! 

She also claimed that she will not be able to return the money Weinstein gave her because there was “no way to give the money back”. What a shocking surprise. I guess anyone can runaround raping and ejaculating on people and if he is rich enough, he will just send in his democrat dogs to clean up and silence everyone to submission. That is how the world works I guess.

Remember kids, you can do anything if you are rich enough and if you give money to immoral politicians, that would gladly close their eyes as they take your money!

She also added:

“I give 10 percent of my income to charity every year, this will be part of that. There’s no doubt about it.”

So, how much did Weinstein political donations amount to? Well, she could not give an exact number at that time. In fact, she said it would be IMPOSIBLE!

Well as the Daily Wire explains:

The Federal Election Commission keeps a handy database that tracks every check written to a political campaign. According to the FEC, Weinstein hit the FEC's maximum in donating to Hillary Clinton's campaign directly ($5,400 in two separate $2,700 donations) and gave an additional $33,000 to Hillary's PAC, the Hillary Victory Fund.

We can even go further back - all the way to 1999 - to track every last donation Weinstein made to Hillary Clinton at any level for any campaign. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, that number adds an additional$16,000 to the total. CRP also caught a $15,000 donation to HillPAC, a Hillary-affiliated entity, not run by the candidate herself.

That brings the grand total to $69,990.45.

But then there's also Weinstein's bundling - that is, the record of money he pulled together for the Clintons by hosting fundraisers and soliciting donations from friends and colleagues. It's a little harder to find, but according to CRF, that number looks to be $1,422,683.

So, grand total: $1,492,673.45. Clinton's two-book deal should more than cover that.

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