Laura Ingraham Sets Record Straight And Predicts Collapse Of Tainted FBI Anti-Trump Witch-Hunt

  1 month ago
Laura Ingraham Sets Record Straight And Predicts Collapse Of Tainted FBI Anti-Trump Witch-Hunt Image

Laura Ingraham Sets Record Straight And Predicts Collapse Of Tainted FBI Anti-Trump Witch-Hunt

Following the bombshell reports about FBI’s Anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok, Fox News’ host of They “Laura Ingraham Show” Laura Ingraham, ripped into the “irreparably tainted” Mueller investigation of the Russian Collusion Witch Hunt with the claim that it is now an example of how big government can end up becoming a threat to representative democracy!

This bombshell claim aired in a Thursday night edition of The Ingraham Angle – Fox News’s latest primetime star opened with a blistering breakdown of the appalling corruption and conflict of interest that fueled, not only Hillary Clinton’s exoneration over her email scandal but Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation into Russian Collusion.

Ingraham had specifically pointed to the text messages written by FBI Agent Peter Strzok that were made in August of 2016 that read:

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way [Trump] gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

Now the troubling part about this particular text, with the mentioning of the name  “ANDY” is that it could refer to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s office, which means that FBI’s top-ranking officials were involved in this devious coverup.

He continued his vigilante tactic even further, diving deep into a superhero-complex when he sent this: “I can protect our country at many levels,” Strzok replied.

Ingraham noted:

They were intent on preventing him from being elected by any means necessary. And if that meant applying for a FISA warrant based on a phony dossier in order to spy on the campaign, maybe they’d do it. And if it meant deploying the entire mainstream media apparatus into Defcon 1 mode; hyper-ventilating about Russian collusion 24/7, they’d do it.

And today, if it means floating a specious story alleging that the president has early on-set dementia, they’ll do that too. Or maybe spreading damaging falsehoods with anonymous sources that are later parroted and then retracted by major news organizations. Yeah, they’ll do that too. … Whatever it takes. As former Mueller investigator Peter Strzok put it, they needed an “insurance policy” to stop Trump.

Sadly, one hour is not enough for the brave reporter to expose them all at once but this “Insurance policy” has also manifested itself through inexcusable leaks of President Trump’s phone calls with foreign leaders and Mueller’s apparent desire to derail the (successful) Senate vote on tax reform by announcing, on the morning of the vote, his plea bargain with Michel Flynn, Trump’s National Security Adviser.

She stated that she is tempted, but she did not call for the firing of special agent Mueller. We, on the other hand, do request his dismissal, as he is one of the reasons why Hillary has had her way with America for 8 years mabey more! Share this if you agree!


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