Major Player In Hillary’s Top Rank Officials Suddenly Committed Suicide–Take A Look At What He Knew

  2 months ago
Major Player In Hillary’s Top Rank Officials Suddenly Committed Suicide–Take A Look At What He Knew Image

Major Player In Hillary’s Top Rank Officials Suddenly Committed Suicide–Take A Look At What He Knew

It seems that Hillary is followed around by a gloomy trail of death. Where ever she went, there were bodies to be uncovered. And the media always seems to cover up for her.

In her years in office, she has rained down death upon her enemies and friends alike. Now we report on yet another person with extremely close ties to Hillary Clinton who has died a mysterious death.

After seeing what he was involved with it is not hard not to question if foul play was involved.

Houston, Texas trial lawyer and Democrat mega-donor Steve Mostyn died on Thursday in what authorities are saying was a “suicide,” according to the Houston Chronicle. Mr. Mostyn was only 46, he left behind a wife and several children, and earlier this year had announced that he was going to be stepping away from politics to spend more time with his family.

The details about how Mr. Mostyn allegedly committed suicide are shady at best. His family has said that it happened after he “suddenly” became afflicted with some sort of a mental illness then took his own life. No one was sure of what type of mental illness the man suffered from exactly.

Mostyn has been heavily involved in politics in the past throughout his career. He has made his fortune off of suing insurance companies after hurricanes ravaged his state and used his own wealth to fund numerous Democrat and progressive causes, including the Super PAC “Ready for Hillary” with Susie Tomplins Buell, a radical environmentalist and member of George Soros’s Democracy Alliance.

The Daily Caller reported:

FACT has asked other federal agencies to investigate the Clinton campaign’s dealings. The watchdog sent a letter to the IRS asking it to investigate a $350,000 payment that the Clinton Foundation made to Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign for an email list of potential donors.

The watchdog has also asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate whether Clinton’s campaign illegally obtained an email list of 4 million names from the pro-Clinton super PAC, Ready for Hillary. FACT asserts that the list swap should be considered an in-kind donation — which would constitute illegal coordination between the campaign and PAC.

FACT has also asked the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to look into an April 21 meeting in which Clinton campaign aides attended a weekly meeting of Senate Democrats. FACT asserts that the meeting violates rule.

While we don’t fully understand the extent of the ties between Mr. Mostyn and Hillary Clinton, we can state, without hesitation that he was a major player in their inner circle for year and the timing of his death is especially concerning as Hillary Clinton has once again found herself in the center of scrutiny for alleged dirty dealing during her time as Secretary of State.

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