Montreal Bans All Pit Bull Type Dogs

  1 year ago
Montreal Bans All Pit Bull Type Dogs Image

Montreal Bans All Pit Bull Type Dogs

The city has passed a controversial ban on Pit Bull dogs, after Christiane Vadnais died from dog attack in Quebec.

37 to 23 was the vote count in Montreal City Council in favor of banning new ownership of pit bull dogs.

About three months have passed since last brutal dog attack, in which a woman in Montreal was killed by a pit bull. 

The ban will be starting from October 3 in all Montreal boroughs, and its a big question how it will be enforced.

Paul Chiasson Canadian Press

A coalition has been formed composed of expert in animal behavior and lawyers, that say they will soon launch a court challenge.

For those who already own a pit bull and live in Montreal, the city will enforce special permits so they can keep their pets. When the owner dies the permit will be passed to a close relative or someone who lives in the same address. 

The new law also splits all breeds of dogs in two categories: 

  At risk - dogs that exhibit aggressive behavior
  Dangerous - dogs that have killed a person or deemed dangerous by an expert.

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