More Disturbing Evidence Just Emerged About NYC Terrorist – The Fed’s Knew All Along

  3 months ago
More Disturbing Evidence Just Emerged About NYC Terrorist – The Fed’s Knew All Along Image

More Disturbing Evidence Just Emerged About NYC Terrorist – The Fed’s Knew All Along

The 29-year-old man behind yesterday’s terror attack in New York City had been in the middle of the Fed’s scope before, over terror-ties and was considered a potential threat.
The terrorist Sayfullo Saipov migrated to the U.S. through our “Diversity Visa Lottery” system, which Trump has since promised to abolish. Now, according to the ABC News, the terrorist Saipov was interviewed in 2015 by federal agents about possible ties to suspected terrorist groups. The agents did not have enough evidence to open a case on him.

He was listed as a “point of contact” for two men who have listed themselves in the Department of Homeland Security Counterterrorism Database and later overstayed their tourist's visas. Both of them were flagged upon arriving from a so-called “Threat-Country” as suspected Terrorists.

The ABC reported that even though he was on the FBI’s radar there wasn’t enough for them to put him away. Makes you wonder how sleek these terrorist sleeper cells can get. We need to stop the inflow of migrants fasts.

After killing eight, Saigov had run away and fled the truck in which he carried out yesterdays attack and was shot by a young NYPD officer. That terrorist scum is still alive and breathes the air of an American Hospital where he gloats about the attack.

Ramming a car in pedestrians is the work of a coward. ISIS propaganda has called for vehicular jihad in their propaganda, as it’s much simpler than obtaining firearms or bombmaking, and can be much deadlier. For instance, in 2016 such an attack killed killing 80 and injuring 458 in Nice, France, when an ISIS jihadist plowed into crowds watching a Bastille Day fireworks display.  That was followed up not long after with a truck attack in Germany, killing 12 and injuring 56. The most recent ISIS-inspired truck attack was in Norway back in April – also by an Uzbek immigrant.

Saigov has no links to ISIS and is self-radicalized and a lone wolf. This type of brainwashing is done by watching propaganda videos on social media sites. These videos incite violence and a purpose with the one that watches them, making him cast aside humanity and commence the slaughter.

We will present further information as soon as it is available. Until then stay tuned and vigilant and may God bless you all.


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