NFL Kneelers Angry That The Protests Failed Teamed Up With Obama To Harm America In A EVEN WORSE Way

  3 months ago
NFL Kneelers Angry That The Protests Failed Teamed Up With Obama To Harm America In A EVEN WORSE Way Image

NFL Kneelers Angry That The Protests Failed Teamed Up With Obama To Harm America In A EVEN WORSE Way

The spoiled NFL players thought it wasn’t enough to destroy our favorite pass time with their Anti-American antics. The “oppressed” millionaires now are taking things extremely personal, going straight after patriotic Americans and outrageously labeling those who disagree with their protests as RACISTS who don’t give a damn about black people being killed by cops. They are coming straight after the Second Amendment and Obama is backing them up.

Question time: Does Obama still think he is president? Comment after you have read the post.

These leftist communists are the real racists. We conservatives believe that everyone is responsible for their own deeds and that no one is superior by birth. You Liberals are the Real WHITE SUPREMACISTS with a guilty conscious. You believe that Black people cannot fend for themselves, you believe that the white race dominates the world. That is YOU!

So it is no surprise when the communists go after our guns. Sean Hannity Reported:

The same NFL players who choose to “take a knee” in protest of racial injustice in America are now turning their sights on the US constitution; targeting the Second Amendment in a new push to tighten gun control regulations across the country.

ESPN is reporting that the San Francisco 49ers -the team that started the divisive practice of kneeling during the national anthem- is now targeting the Second Amendment; donating $500,000 to promote strict gun laws in the US.
“The Niners have pledged $500,000 toward the campaign, which will advocate for legislation banning ‘bump stocks’ and other mechanisms that allow semi-automatic weapons to become automatic weapons, as well as silencers and armor piercing bullets,” writes ESPN.

“The parties are also pledging to join with others to forge a public awareness campaign centered on improving police and community relations,” the author adds.

Let me tell you something. You are nothing more then Obama’s foot soldiers. Incapable of thinking for yourself and taking responsibility for your own actions. Now you try to justify your failures on the only thing that separates us and makes us superior to other countries. OUR SECOND AMENDMENT! 

You can all TRY to take them, but be warned, you will be met with extreme hostility and will be labeled as an enemy to our God Given Right. You will be met with hellish firepower unlike your miserable little mind cannot even imagine. This is not a game for your stupid political agenda. You are now dealing with the American People!



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