Obama Locked In His Home For Days, Now We Know The NASTY Reason Why With What Was Just Found Inside

  2 months ago
Obama Locked In His Home For Days, Now We Know The NASTY Reason Why With What Was Just Found Inside Image

Obama Locked In His Home For Days, Now We Know The NASTY Reason Why With What Was Just Found Inside

Obama has always been an arrogant president. He has reputedly misjudged situations throw-out all of his career and especially in the case of Donald Trump. Besides trying to remain relevant and in the spotlight he seems to have a different approach now. Now he spends his days in solitary confinement. You will be shocked to hear what we have just learned.

As his time in the spotlight has come to a disappointing end, his mask has been left in the confines of the White House. Now we see a Barack without a facade to maintain. His perfect marriage is no longer in the picture as Michelle is living her best life loving the afterglow of all that her husband’s two terms afforded her and is nowhere to be found near him. The pretend couple now replaced with two completely separate individuals if ending the reality TV show and living life without their masks. Now that Obama is living on his own his behavior has gotten completely out of control.

The Author of the book titled “All Out War: The Plot To Destroy Trump”, Edward Klein uncovers the truth about what was happening in the last several months of Obama's life. He has everything at his fingertips and people to help hide it, but the eyes of an investigative reporter Todd Starnes made some revelations and particularly shocking details about the shady free-time of Obama. 

Obama has been holed up in a mansion in DC, smoking marijuana, eating cannabis-infused Gummy Bears and playing video games, according to an explosive new book by Edward Klein.

Todd Starnes Reports:

“He seems himself as sort of a hipster ex-president,” Klein said in a bombshell interview on the Todd Starnes Show. Klein, the author of “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump,” told Starnes the former president has resumed his pot-smoking ways.

“He smokes weed once or twice a week,” the author alleges. “He stopped while he was president because he knew that it impaired his judgement., but he feels he can get away with it now, so why not?” Klein said a close family friend was his source for the jaw-dropping allegations.

“Sometimes he’ll smoke in his bedroom, and sometimes in the backyard, but mostly he does it when he’s traveling,” the author wrote. Klein said the former president has also been consuming edible versions of cannabis, from brownies to gummy bears.

As for the video games? Klein told the Todd Starnes Show Obama enjoys winding down by playing “Styx: Shards of Darkness,” “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon,” and “Halo War 2 Ultimate Edition.”

These drug-fueled afternoons on the couch were brought up by an anonymous source that neither Klein nor Starnes mention the name of. This particular lifestyle seems a hell-of-a-lot more suitable for him the President of the United States since he did such a terrible job in that role, despite what liberals convinced themselves to believe.

As a matter of fact, this proves that liberals are mouth-breathing potheads who are unfit to lead. You are all a bunch of hippies that have lost touch with reality because of your excessive drug abuse problems. That is why everyone hates you. You should all learn a lesson from Obama and do the same. Remain in your mother’s basements, smoking crack and out of politics. Share this post if you agree with us!


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