President Donald Trump Is Visiting 3 MAJOR Religious Powerhouses!

  10 months ago
President Donald Trump Is Visiting 3 MAJOR Religious Powerhouses! Image

President Donald Trump Is Visiting 3 MAJOR Religious Powerhouses!

This Thursday President Donald Trump has announced that he intends to embark on a religious tour starting from May 19.

He plans to visit the Israeli capital Jerusalem, the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh and The Italian capital of Rome to promote unity against the threat of religious extremism.

President Trump plans to speak privately with the religious leaders around the world and promote his belief of religious tolerance and unity.

According to The Jerusalem Post, during his visit in Jerusalem President Trump plans to propose his vision for a 'comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace'.

'This is what we think is a very smart first step in the region, in unifying the coalition...' said Trump.

Unlike former President Obama, Donald Trump really believes in unity and his approach will be dealing directly with the Arab leaders, not speaking just to their people like Obama did.

Obama acted like he cared more about drumming up personal favor among the Arab people than actually resolving at least one of the Middle East crises.

President Trump also agreed to a meeting with Pope Francis in Rome, as USA Today reported. Vatican officials stated that there will be no limits on what the two may discuss.

He also plans to attend a NATO meeting happening at the time in Brussels and take part in G7 summit happening in Sicility.

'These are not going to be the traditional state visits like you have seen, these are really working visits...' Trump official stated.

President Trump sure takes his job seriously and we hope that something fruitful will come out his religious tour.

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