Sarah Sanders Shows Up At Press Briefing And What Happens Next Made The Press Worship Her

  1 month ago
Sarah Sanders Shows Up At Press Briefing And What Happens Next Made The Press Worship Her Image

Sarah Sanders Shows Up At Press Briefing And What Happens Next Made The Press Worship Her

We’ve all seen how the press has belligerently attacked the Secretary of Press Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the past. Some reporters like April Ryan have even gone so far as to attack her not only on a personal level but on her cooking skills.

A couple of weeks ago, April Ryan took to Twitter and decided to make up a fake news narrative, about the most blatant thing imaginable. After Sarah Sanders posted a picture about the Pecan Pie that she baked for her loved ones on Twitter, Reporter April Ryan has taken the time to bash her on that and even started a fake rumor that she, in fact, did not bake the pie.

This is ridiculous, we know – but the reporter insisted so much that after a while, people from around the internet started opening up the whole discussion about the pie and called it #PieGate – as they thought it was a conspiracy theory put up by the right-wing to somehow humanize Sarah.

Well now, after all those attacks that Sarah endured, she decided to put the conspiracy theories to rest – Once and for ALL!

She took to Twitter to post a couple of images straight from the kitchen stool where the ingredients more forth next masterpiece were just placed and even went so far as to tag reporter April Ryan just so she could rub it in her silly face.

“It's Pie Time!” – she stated. “With or without bourbon April Ryan?”

And when the press briefing ended on Thursday, Sarah Sanders stopped everyone at the door and politely asked the reporters to have a piece, and directed her following statement to reporter April Ryan, saying:

“I just want to say thanks, have a good week, and April, I am looking forward to having some pie with you momentarily.”

Below you can see the images of her marvelous pies and the reactions of the reporters. This just comes to prove that Sarah Sanders really is a wonderful human being and a great public servant.

After a while, Reporter Aril Ryan responded to this honorable gesture of goodwill, with kindness and said that this has marked the beginning of their relationship’s betterment, saying:

It was a wonderful reset gesture from the @PressSec to bake 4 pretty pies for us. We are building for better on all sides. Watch the video!

Share this article if you support Sarah Sanders and if you agree with the principle of which she handled the pesky reporters. Now they are starting to warm up to her son, who knows, maybe they will start behaving like reasonable adults! God bless!

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