Special Counsel Robert Mueller Was Just BUSTED By President Trump's Transition Team

  1 month ago
Special Counsel Robert Mueller Was Just  BUSTED By President Trump's Transition Team Image

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Was Just BUSTED By President Trump's Transition Team

The special counsel Mueller and his team of anti-Trump fanatics have recently received a heavy rain of fire, from the vast majority of Americans for their conflict of interest that should be a top priority when selecting agents that will investigate the Trump-Russia collusion scandal.

Not only that, but the agents clearly had an affinity towards Hillary which may have compromised the whole Email scandal investigation, as evident in most of the anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok and his college and lover Lisa Page.

Breaking reports just came out of Fox News, about the Trump Transition team letter that was sent to Congress, claiming Special Counsel Muller illegally obtained “private material” and may have violated their Fourth Amendment rights.

According to the transition’s team lawyer, Mueller and his henchmen “acted inappropriately” and went around the transition to obtain private material. – Fox News reports.

"Officials from the Trump transition team handing a new letter to high ranking lawmakers accusing Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller office of wrongdoing. Claiming it, inappropriately obtained sensitive documents, some of which they say were protected by attorney-client privilege."

Fox News’s Garret Tenny Reported:

"We are still following the developments but, we can tell you that we have learned, Trump transition team, today sent a letter to congressional leaders, alleging that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team “acted inappropriately” is how they worded it, in obtaining materials that belonged to the transition, and in that letter to committees in the House, there were claims that Mueller team had intentionally gone around the transition to obtain the transition private documents, including privileged communications."

"Mueller’s team generally did that through the general services administration or GSA. During the transition period, the GSA that provided office supplies to the transition team, and also notably hosted the team's email services."

Part of that agreement is that any computers or communications are secured but in August, the transition team claims that the special counsel requested copies, of the emails, laptops, cellphones and other material of members who were largely responsible for national security and policy issues. The GSA then provided those documents to Mueller's team without notifying the transition and it did so without filtering or redacting privileged material, some of which is protected by presidential privilege and attorney-client privilege.”

There you have it, folks! They got him with his hand in the cookie jar! We always knew that Mueller acted like he was above the law, and now that is evident. Share this if you agree that he should be fired ASAP!   


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