Train Crash in New Jersey, 1 dead and 100 injured

  1 year ago
Train Crash in New Jersey, 1 dead and 100 injured Image

Train Crash in New Jersey, 1 dead and 100 injured

34 year old mother was killed while she was standing on the platform, as Police also reported dozens of injured.

108 injured people are being evacuated from the Hoboken Train Station in New Jersey, 12 people with serious injures and 2 in critical condition on Thursday morning during rush hour.

The only victim, Fabiola Bittar de Kroon was killed by the falling debris after the train hit the concrete blocks and jumped in to the air.

Fabiola Bittar de Kroon / LINKEDIN

Evacuation team arrived immediately after the crash pulling out passengers trapped on the train. All injured were transported to 2 local hospitals buy bus and ambulance vehicles.

The train driver survived but is in critical condition safely taken to a local hospital.

Experts say that the train must have been driving at least 30 mph to cause such damage. Passenger say the train was even more crowded than usual, as many people were standing during the crash.

Carlo Allegri / REUTERS

An eye witness of the crash who worked at the station said that he couldn't explain why engineers didn't stop the train. He also noted that he heard a "bomb like explosion" just before the train hit the concrete blocks.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie stated that the cause of the train crash will be determined soon, and structural engineers are inspecting the integrity of station.

William Sun / AP

Soon we will know when the terminal will be re-opened.

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