(VIDEO:) Military Helicopter Crash in Greece

  1 year ago
(VIDEO:) Military Helicopter Crash in Greece Image

(VIDEO:) Military Helicopter Crash in Greece

An accident happened during SARISA 2016 when helicopter crash lands near Thessaloniki, Greece.

Boeing AH-6Apache attack helicopter crush landed in the Aegean Sea near Thessaloniki. The helicopter was involved  in national military exercise called SARISA 2016 between Greek and US Army forces.

Due to an engine failure the military helicopter felt down in to the sea, luckily the two pilots survived the crush and were safely taken to the hospital.

The famous Apache Helicopter is used in many armed forces around the globe since 1986. 

The video was made by a greek reporter who was filming the exercise from the nearest beach. Watch the video here:

This tragic accident has taken the world by storm and we our hearts and prayers are recovering pilots!

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