WARNING: U.S. State is Pushing Law For Gun CONFISCATION!

  9 months ago
WARNING: U.S. State is Pushing Law For Gun CONFISCATION! Image

WARNING: U.S. State is Pushing Law For Gun CONFISCATION!

In the city of Chicago, Illinois the Democrats introduced a bill that allows a law enforcement officer to confiscate firearms based solely on a petition by a member of the family or a law enforcement officer...

In an interview, Senator Diane Feinstein admitted that she wants to put a ban on the sales of firearms.

But because no politician can unilaterally put an end to the possession of firearms in one step, they must take another strategy.

So if it's impossible to make it through with one easy step it can be done by taking smaller steps that need to be made in a long-term strategy, like the case when ex-President Obama put the eleven-hour ammunition ban that President Donald Trump reversed in the last few days.

The second attempt, which violates our Second Amendment rights is taking place currently in Chicago, Illinois. 

And note that these things happen only in specific cities and states where the Liberals are ruling.

So under this bill introduced by Democrats in the Illinois state legislature, stating that every citizen of Illinois possessing any firearm, can be confiscated in case a petition was filed against him by a family member or law enforcement officer.

Otherwise stated: “Turn ’em in, Mr. and Mrs. America.”

That's just not good.

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