Wikileaks: Can You Guess Who Else Has a Private Email Server?

  1 year ago
Wikileaks: Can You Guess Who Else Has a Private Email Server? Image

Wikileaks: Can You Guess Who Else Has a Private Email Server?

Another information came out of john Podesta's emails, focusing on Rahm Emanuel.

The Daily Caller reported that Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has a private email server on Google Gmail. 
He used this email account:, which is still active and run through Gmail.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel used a private email server to communicate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, leaked emails reveal.

Emanuel, a former House lawmaker who served early on in the Obama administration, sent an email to Podesta asking him to consider Brian DeSplinter for a position with Clinton’s campaign. Emnauel sent the email from the address “”

The email address is still active, according to, and is run through Google’s Gmail service. This is unlike Clinton who used a private email server based out of her Chappaqua, New York home.

WikiLeaks published the email chain online Friday in its latest tranche of emails from Podesta’s hacked Gmail account. It’s long been suspected Emanuel used a personal email to conduct official city business.

The Chicago Tribune has been locked in a lengthy legal battle with Emanuel’s office for private emails and texts the mayor used to conduct government business.

The Tribune’s lawsuit claimed “the mayor’s office in recent years has been uncooperative with FOIA requests,” the paper argued. Emanuel’s “use of private phones and personal email allows the mayor to conduct city business out of public view and contributes to a ‘lack of transparency.’”...

Read the full story here.

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